Finding motivation after the holidays!


I just read my last post and WOW! I was full of inspiration & fire! I should print that off & post it on my fridge! Needing the motivation right now.

So…. I took a month & a half off of doing my workouts & clean eating. It was a busy holiday season, and I stopped making myself a priority. And, it shows. I am literally back to square one. I weigh about the same & measurements are pretty close to what they were 8 months ago!!! I feel lethargic & fatigued again. Depressed. Anxious. I am back to unhappy with myself.

On January 9th, I began again. I started the 21 Day Fix program again, and I am back to my portion controlled, clean eating. I think my tummy is thankful. It’s been pretty upset lately. It is slow going… totally had to modify and go slower with my workout. I know I will get stronger, but it’s going to take time & consistency! I am pretty sore today. Means it’s working, right?!

I’m really going to try to post about my journey this time. I’m glad I had that last post to reflect on, and give me a little inspiration & motivation. I know I can get there again, and I will!!



Can’t believe it’s been 3 months!

These past three months have just flown by! I really wish I would have kept posting, so that I’d see my progression in my fitness journey.Ā It’s been a learning experience, that I’m still continuing to do, and it was something that I had to give my FULL attention to!

I took my journey to the next level by getting involved with the Beachbody programs and drinking Shakeology daily! (You may have heard of Insanity Max 30 or P90X)Ā Well, I’ve lost 16lbs and over 10 inchesĀ since May, and have not felt this good in a LONG time!! I am SO grateful that I took a huge leap of faith (especially forĀ  me), and gave this program a try.

This program was reinforcing what I had already started doing the month before joining;Ā  being active, eating regularly, eating healthier, increasing water intake, less caffeine, processed foods, & sugars! But, I learned portion control, the right foods to eat and when to eat, how much water I should really be drinking, meal prepping and planning, and I was a part of a private challenge group that helped me stay motivated, accountable to my goals, I gained new friendships! The group was a huge part of my success!

I will post more about my journey, but I just had to put this “out there”, because I am super proud of how far I’ve come, and want to share it, and keep itĀ for me to look back on šŸ™‚ It’s been an amazing journey so far!!

Feeling motivated!

Well, friends, it’s been a crazy few days or so. I’ve been staying active, trying new foods, drinking my water, taking on a plank challenge, and getting more sleep!!

I am taking those small steps, but I believe that’s how I need to do it. Then, these small steps will become habits and then routine. And then… my main goal of a lifestyle change! 

It’s crazy that I’ve gone from eating only dinner really, to eating several times a day. I’m actually more hungry. Or, maybe I’m just listening to my body more! And, I’m starting to crave water. I was having some trouble with the water, and so I tried drinking it with a straw… Because this girl can drink 8 oz of soda real quick with a straw ha! It workedšŸ˜Š

A friend on Facebook has been pretty motivating and inspiring. She put out there a 5 day plank challenge, and I accepted the challenge, then I unaccepted, then accepted lol! I’m 2 days in, and it’s been good for me. It’s the idea of taking just 60 seconds for me. Incredible isn’t it?

It’s amazing how it seems that everything kind of melts into each other. You get more active so you need more sustenance and H2O, and being active makes it easier to sleep. I always had a hard, hard time getting up in the morning. And, then I would usually feel groggy until I was onto my 3rd cup of coffee. I’m falling asleep earlier and waking up earlier…happier…ready to take on the day!

To those super small steps! šŸ‹

It’s the little things!

Ok folks, I had a pretty good day yesterday! I focused more on a few of my goals, making small changes, and I feel great about it!

I checked out yet another health app, called Argus, to help me remember to do things like drink water and to be more conscious of what I’m eating. I’m pleased with my use of it only after one day. It’s easier than past apps I’ve used for calorie counting, because I can just scan the barcode on foods, and it will bring up all the nutritional info on that food. I’ve, also, started logging activity and goals on my Walgreens app. I work on my goals, and get rewarded with points that will turn into money!

I saw my neighbor at the park, and my kiddos always want to go over there when they see her boys. My youngest is starting to take a big interest in the park, too, and I feel bad that I can’t always go over with him. Soooo, I quickly got ready, took care of a poo explosion, and walked over to the park with my son. Trying to get more steps in, get out of the house, and actually talk to another adult in person! Unfortunately, my neighbor had to leave when we got there, but we still had a lot of fun! Except for the fact that our dog broke through our patio screen door, and took another stroll… I walked up the street from our house where there’s quite a few dogs…more steps… I talked to another neighbor…But, ended up driving around the neighborhood to end up finding him…I had to be fast, but still got a few extra steps in and talked to another adult! 

I drank 4 glasses of water throughout the day – one glass I added Mio to it.  I kept track of my food intake, worked on being more active, checked my heart rate, and even started tracking my sleep! Speaking of sleep, I’ve been able to keep the window open at night, and the sounds of nightfall are an easy way to quiet the mind and create an inner calm. I, also, have sounds on my Argus app to encourage sleep. Hopefully, this is an app that lasts. I think I am a little more serious about making changes this time around though. 

I’ve seen some pretty inspirational people around social media. One thing that has continually resonated with me, is that making small changes is key!

Again… here’s to small changes, progress not perfection, and another good day!

Mowing the lawn counts!

On Sunday, I went to my in-laws house to mow their lawn. They have a tricky yard, front and back… especially, the back! Pretty steep hills, and a mower that doesn’t propel as it should. Yeah… I’d say it was a good hour long workout. And, I’m really surprised my butt and legs haven’t been killing me!

It probably burned off part of the greasy appetizers I had the night before!

Oh, yes, I am a slow work in progress. 

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My head is spinningĀ 

Things have been at a standstill, because my younger kids and I have had this yucky respiratory virus. I’ve been in and out of the pediatrician’s office all last week. Three out of the four kiddos have had ear infections. It’s always fun adding in twice daily meds to the routine… for three kids! (Hint of sarcasm there)

Anyway, I have my good and bad days of eating better. My son (high school senior) is trying to be more healthy with his food choices, too. I would love to have that family that doesn’t eat any processed food, haha. Unfortunately, I have not only been a bad role model, but haven’t offered the best variety either. When you have a couple of kids that are seriously picky, it becomes more of a “I just want you to eat something” thing. So, you give them what they will eat. Ugh. I will be having a garden this year, so I’m hoping that that will spark some interest in trying some different foods. 

My gym membership is up for questioning. My husband wonders how much it will be used during the summer. Because it will be nice out, and we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Or, we may just get an individual membership for me, and I’ll go in the evenings while the hubs watches the kids. 

I’m still interested in yoga, and possibly tai chi. There’s a free class I found once a week in the evening… Hmmm. Maybe that would be an easier goal to achieve. Out of the house, me time, exercise = win win šŸ‘šŸ¼ It might be a practice run to see if I can actually make the committment. (and, it won’t cost anything)

I just have a LOT of goals swimming around my head. Health goals, time management goals, meal planning goals, house cleaning goals, quality time with kids goals… And, with my ADD tendencies and harried life, it’s hard to accomplish everything in one area! Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just destined to always have a harried, unpredictable, unorganized way of doing everything?!
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Resentful vs Grateful

I read a fellow bloggers post about how she does everything for the kids and house, etc. She even made a list of everything she does versus what her husband does. I’ve done that. Recently, in fact. 

But, what do you do if you’ve brought some of it on yourself?

I am a person that does things in certain ways. Like loading the dishwasher, or how laundry is done, how dinner is made, how a diaper is changed, how a bath is given… Whatever it might be, I’ve made it difficult for someone (like my spouse) to help me. I would ask for help, then watch in misery at how the task was being executed. And, then I’d say something like “I’ll just do it” or “never mind, I can do it”. So, most often, I would just do everything on my own; my way. Then, guess what would rear it’s ugly head… resentment. 

[Resentment:  the feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act, remark, person, etc., regarded as causing injury or insult.]

It’s that raging, ball of anger in the pit of my stomach. It keeps turning and turning like a tornado, grasping at everything in its path and sucking it back up into its core where it boils and burns and spits fire at everything and everyone around it. My aura radiates this negativity all around me. It’s quite ugly, wouldn’t you say?

I would take a deep, hard look at this and say to myself, “I should be grateful”. My husband works hard, so that I can stay at home and raise our children. I have a beautiful home. I have food to feed my family. 

[Grateful:  warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful.]

I have gotten better about asking for help, and then stepping away. I know that most people do things differently than I do. And, I realize that that’s ok! I’m like a kid that you have to keep reminding over and over again what you need them to do. Maybe reciting mantras all day and night would help.

Maybe I just need to hear, “I am grateful to you for all you do”. 

Goal: Get through the day

I am slightly overwhelmed. Several sick kids, including myself, and SO much to do. Life is a challenge right now. Getting through the day is the goal right now.

Im feeling guilty for not working on myself. The kids have to come first, the housework has to come first, Dr appointments and schedules come first…

I should probably write one of my infamous lists, and start doing one thing at a time. I’ve read that it’s good to have 3 top priorities a day. Well, I think my list is a lot longer. I’m not trying to be negative, just realistic.

But, hey, the sun is shining. I’ve taken some meds for my cold, and I’m going to check out my Family Organizer app I got yesterday. Time to make my list! And, pray.

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Life’s Busyness and Surviving Spring Break

I cannot believe it’s been a week since I’ve posted. Maybe it’s because of sick kids (again), or soccer practices starting again, or actually hanging out with other people, or a birthday party to attend. Life has been busy this past week and a half. And, now… we’ve been on spring break! 

Ha, I had plans for our spring break. Nothing fancy like some I’ve seen on Facebook… But, I wanted to get the kids out of the house and have fun. Children’s Museum, the zoo, parks, skating maybe… Ugh. 

The first day, the kids had awesome fun just being outsideā˜ŗļø My 18 month old actually went out in the grass! (He would usually just stick to the patio haha, but now he’s venturing out with his brothers & sister!) And… I met a neighbor! We’ve lived here almost a year, but I pretty much just talk to the older neighbors on each side of us. The new neighbor I met has 3 boys, and they love playing with my boys (and my daughter)! I don’t get out much, so it’s nice to meet someone (that also has kids) and have friends for my kiddos to play with.

Second day, I ended up having my grandson longer than expected, therefore had to stick to home most of the day. The kids went to their nana’s house though, and had lots of fun at the park, Dairy Queen, and dyeing Easter eggs. Thank goodness. And, I also had the opportunity to take a bathšŸ˜Œ 

Today was our third day. Weather isn’t being very nice, windy and rainy, so I didn’t let kids go outside much. And, I didn’t want to get them out in it, especially since a few already have respiratory symptoms. But, I ended the day with pancake batter all over me, paint all over me, and I still have a messy kitchen. I made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, cookies after lunch, and in between things I helped my 6 year old paint his birdhouse FINALLY! (He got it for Christmas) Hopefully, we can hang it in our tree by this weekend. It IS spring, isn’t it?

I suppose spring break hasn’t been a total loss. We still have some left! Either I’ll do more semi-fantastic things with them, or go completely insane from their constant bickering. Hahahaha. Ha. 

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I got a little off track

Goals. Goals. Goals. They’re still there. I’ve been making small changes, but I need to step it up! I’ve been distracted and anxious about sickness… with our kids and our cat. Among other things… My ADD/OCD brain gets the best of me sometimes, too.

I’ve been eating more regularly, but have to work on portion control with the evening meal! My hubs has said he isn’t buying anymore ice cream šŸ˜« And, the kids ate the rest of it last night! Doesn’t help that he keeps a stash of Ā chocolate next to our bed… Haha

Instead of staring at my water bottleĀ thinking,Ā “I should start drinking that versus coffee”, I’ve actually started to drink the water. I put a splash of Mio energy in my water and I still get a boost of vitamins & ginseng that keeps me going.

I’ve talked to the gym, and can take a tour at anytime. Planning to do that this week, like maybe tomorrow. Why does it have to be so intimidating? My sister is pushing me to get the membership… She’ll be good at keeping me accountable.

My meditation/yoga has been in pause mode. I haven’t colored in my adult coloring book with my daughter the last few days, and the website I was using for the yoga challenge isn’t showing the videos anymore! (Maybe just a website glitch that will be fixed) So, I got a yoga app today, but only had a chance to check it out briefly. I wish I could manage to sneak out of bed before anyone woke up to do a good half hour of yoga alone. The older my youngest gets, the easier it will be.

Oh, which brings me to better sleep… Springing forward an hour just messes with all of us! It definitely takes some adjustment. As for the co-sleeping, I am working on a transitional experiment. I took one side off of our crib (it’s one of those 3-in-1 cribs), adjusted the mattress to a higher setting, and pushed it up next to my bed. It fits just right. Like a big version of our actual cosleeper bed we had when the kids were newborns! So, when little man wakes to nurse he can crawl right to me, but when he’s asleep or it gets too crowded, then I can just scooch him over into his bed. Honestly, I usually just keep him in bed with me when he wakes for that middle of the night feeding/pacifying time. Hopefully, that will get better. Molars coming in haven’t helped this past month!

So, here’s to the small changes! <patting myself on the back> Ā I’m proud of myself for holding on, and not getting discouraged. For taking small steps, that I know will turn into bigger steps!

“You can do anything you set your mind to”!Ā  ~Ben Franklin

“The mind is a powerful thing. It can take you through walls.” Ā ~Denis Avey, The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz: A True Story of World War II

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